Tuesday, December 31, 2019

"You Sprout a Bouquet of Gun Wielding Arms" (Shiva of Guns GLOG Class)

Shiva of Guns

For each template of Shiva of Guns you have, guns you hold gain +1 ammo capacity

A: GD +1, Cantrips, Gun Power (Bullethell)
B: GD +1, Curve the Bullet, 2 Gun Powers
C: GD +1, Trigger Happy, 2 Gun Powers
D: GD +1, Fastest There Ever was, 2 Gun Powers

Starting Skill: 1. Gambler, 2. Gunsmith, 3. Law

Equipment: Hat, pistol, lantern


1. Transmutagun - turn any handful of material into a pistol with d6 shots. Materials like sand, mud, flesh or leaves may not be able to withstand firing as many shots as things like stone, metal, or wood, at the DM's discretion. 

2. Detect Guns - you are innately aware of the presence of guns at a radius of 10 yards x the number of Shiva of Guns templates you have. 

Gun Powers & Gun Dice (GD)

Gun Powers are abilities unique to the Shiva of Guns, they are activated and cast like spells, but are not spells. Gun Dice cannot be spent on Wizardly magic. 

To use a Gun Power select a number of Gun Dice (GD) you wish to invest, roll them, then add the numbers together if the power asks for a (Sum), (Dice) means the number of dice invested. Dice that roll 1-3 return to your die pool and can be used again, but dice that roll 4+ are removed from your die pool until High Noon, at which time you regain all expended dice. 

At template A you automatically gain the following power, Bullethell. At each subsequent template gain two more powers randomly. 

Bullethell: You sprout a bouquet of gun wielding arms and become a whirling fury of gunsmoke and hot lead. Deal (Sum) + (Dice) damage to all foes within a 20' radius 

D6 Gun Powers

1. Jammer - Use your magic to jam (Sum) guns you can see. It takes a number of rounds equal to your number of templates in this class to unjam a gun affected by this power. 

2. Back Breaking Dodge - When you take damage from a missile weapon you may use this power to reduce the damage by (Sum)

3. Teleportagun - You may teleport to a place you have shot before and can visualize clearly within a radius of (dice) miles. 

4. Gunslinger's Judgement - Make a regular gun attack. Reroll the attacks' damage (dice) times and keep the best result. 

5. Ethereal Sniper - Target takes (Sum) damage from an unseen sniper each time it attacks. This effect persists for (Dice) rounds. 

6. Speak With Guns - Lasts for (Sum) minutes 

Curve the Bullet: Your gun attacks ignore cover and do not require line of sight.

Trigger Happy: When you roll max damage on a gun attack, not a power, regain a GD. (This can be triggered by Gunslinger's Judgement)

Fastest There Ever Was: If you are wielding a gun you always have first place in the initiative ladder, even if the rest of your party lost initiative. You also always act in the surprise round. 


  1. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about Curve the Bullet and Trigger Happy. Maybe CtB works on anything you've hit at least once? This is a very thematic class, Bullet Hell especially is an absolute treat. Perhaps Ethereal Sniper requires you to pick a solid location to place it, and any round the target is in view of that location, it takes the damage. Makes it a more active choice to make for everyone involved

    1. I like that fix for CtB. It could even be limited to a number of targets equal to template in the class or something. Trigger Happy is probably a bit much, I'm not sure how difficult it usually is for GLOG wizard-types to regain Magic Dice.

      Great feedback, thanks.


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