Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Very Clever Girl (Velociraptor GLOG class)

I got the urge at work the other day to put together a GLOG class, so here it is. Special thanks to Vayra at The Mad Queen's Court for coming up with the D rank ability! 

There's something undeniably sick about the Raptors from the original Jurassic Park movie. The way they skulk and stalk around, moving their little heads and clicking their talons on the ground as they hunted those children. When I was a kid watching that movie, they really felt like monsters.

So naturally, I wanna be one. 

What a handsome lad

GLOG class: Velociraptor

Starting Skill: 1. Tracking - 2. Disguise - 3. Lockpicking

Equipment: Retractable Talons

Boon: +1 to Stealth per 2 templates in this class

A: Velociraptor
B: Pounce, +1 Defense 
C: Do you think he saurus, Pack Mentality, +1 Defense
D: Hunting Call, +1 Defense 

- You cannot hold weapons, ropes, or ladders, but can manipulate small objects like potion stoppers or door handles.
- Your movement rate is 1.5x that of a human
- Your talons or bite deal damage as a sword 
- Your scales provide you +2 defense
- Your coloration allows you to hide in natural environments with minimal cover, as an elf or halfling
- You understand common humanoid speech and may speak fluently with animals
- Your reptilian brain is still largely dominated by hunting instinct and base impulse, save against enchantment magic and mind-dominating effects at disadvantage

When you successfully charge an opponent you may choose to make an attack for each Velociraptor template you possess (Ex: 2 templates, 2 attacks

You have learned how to semi-convincingly pass for human without making a disguise check. By wearing a cloak, wig, makeup, or other costume you may casually hide your dinosaur nature. Your disguise does not hold up to intense scrutiny from authority figures, but will fool average folk.

Pack Mentality
When you attack a target, the next attack made against that target by one of your allies gains a damage bonus equal to your HD. Only one attack may benefit from this ability per round. 

Hunting Call
- You can conjure a pack of ghostly-imaginary-pseudo-raptors from the not so distant past as an action.
- These raptors persist until you are slain, or you dismiss them 
- This a terrifying sight, and anything edible to a raptor must check morale. 
- Up to one of the phantoms can act upon the physical world at a time, with the same statistics as you but no equipment. 
- Each time you use this ability there is a X-in-6 chance of also conjuring an entirely real prehistoric beast such as a T-rex or Dire Sabre Tooth. This beast is hostile to everything in sight, and cannot be dismissed as the phantom raptors. X is equal to the number of times you have used this ability that day. 

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Very Clever Girl (Velociraptor GLOG class)

I got the urge at work the other day to put together a GLOG class, so here it is. Special thanks to Vayra at  The Mad Queen's Court  for...